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KAIKO Fidgets

Easy Grip Self-Opening Scissors - Red


These easy grip scissors come with a flexible, plastic ergonomic handle. They have a blunt tips and quality stainless steel blades.

They are easy to use - simply squeeze together then the blades spring back automatically.

These adaptive scissors are useful for those who struggle with off-the-shelf scissors due to hand function or for those learning to use scissors.

They also have a very satisfying snip sound.  

Great for those who suffer from arthritic hands.

Also great for both right or left handed use.

Great for both adults and children.

Approximate size: 20cm long.

"We purchased a set of these scissors for a special needs class and they have made all the difference in the world. The students have gone from being rarely using scissors and avoiding it when we do, to asking if they can do some cutting! These are a great starting point and we will eventually move on to spring loaded scissors when the individuals are ready for them." - Frances 2023 June 

These are not a toy and are not suitable for 3 and under years of age.  Please use with adult supervision.