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Magic Makers

Easy Coin Magic - DVD


Master easy yet deceptive coin magic you can perform anywhere, anytime!

Get all the basics, the fundamental moves, advanced techniques and the great routines to follow. With the help of this course and a little practice, you can be a stunning coin illusionist!

This comprehensive course contains more than 50 effects and routines you can use to stun any audience!


Holds Grips & Palms

  • Finger Palm
  • Ramsay Subtlety Classic Palm
  • Kaps Subtlety Fingertip Rest Thumb Palm
  • Downs Palm
  • Back Clip Back Palm
  • Deep Back Clip Edge Grip Var. 1
  • Edge Grip Var. 2
  • Curl Palm
  • JW Grip


  • Bobo Switch
  • Shuttle Pass
  • Al Baker Steal
  • Friction Palm
  • Click Pass Spellbound Change
  • Variation of Spellbound Han Ping Chen


  • Finger Palm Production
  • Classic Palm Production
  • Downs Palm Production
  • L'Homme Masque Production
  • Coin Production from Clothing
  • Coin Production from Handkerchief


  • Finger Palm Vanish
  • Finger Palm Vanish Variation
  • French Drop
  • French Drop with Multiple Coins
  • Retention Vanish
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Classic Palm Vanish
  • Fingertip Retention Vanish
  • Striking Vanish
  • JW Vanish

Jumbo Coins

  • Tenkai Palm
  • Curl Palm
  • Full Palm
  • Full Palm Production
  • Jumbo Coin Production
  • Toss Vanish
  • Retention Vanish into Tenkai


  • One Coin Flurry
  • Coins Across
  • Coins through Hankerchief
  • Coins through Table
  • Coin in the Pen
  • The Matrix
  • Chinese Coin Assembly
  • Fingertip Coins
  • Across Coins to Glass
  • Four Coin Production
  • Three Coin Production & Vanish
  • Spellbound Variation 2 in Hand, 1 in Pocket