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Arc De Triomphe - 3D Wooden Model


Robotime-Rolife Arc De Triomphe TG502 is a delicate architecture 3D wooden puzzle which could relax your mind and soul. By building each wooden piece all together, you will get to know more about the structure, design, and history of this French iconic architecture. With a beautifully designed outlook and smooth assembly experience, this 3D wooden puzzle will make your day. It's a perfect gift for friends and family, and a wonderful home decor that makes you feel like you are on the Champs-Elysées in Paris!

Assembled Size: H:5.5"(14cm) x W:3.5"(9cm) x D:5.0"(12.8cm)

Pieces: 118

Assembly Time: 1 Hour

Difficulty Level: ★★★