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Learning Can Be Fun

Beat the Elephant - Blending Consonants Bingo


Ages 5+

Bingo! Beat The Elephant - Blending Consonants is an engaging educational game, much like the traditional Bingo. This game provides beginner readers with a fun way to reinforce their recognition of initial consonants, including: br, cr, cl, dr, gr, sk, sl, sp, st, tr.

Each game set comes with four durable, wipe-clean mats measuring 25cm x 33.5cm, providing ample space for gameplay. It also includes 81 durable playing cards, ensuring durability and longevity of the game.

Beat The Elephant is not only entertaining but also an effective educational tool. It aids in the development of reading and comprehension skills, improves memory recall, and enhances the cognitive development of children.

Bingo! Beat The Elephant - Blending Consonants makes the process of learning initial consonants enjoyable and interactive, proving to be an excellent addition to any learning environment.

Ages 5+