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Addict a Ball Large


1 Player
Addictaball Large
Addictaballs Maze (large) comes with a 138 stages of spirals, drops, swinging arms, flips and slides. The aim of the game is simple enough; guide the ball bearing through all the stages to the end, but completing the mazes is anything but simple!
Possibly the most challenging and addictive maze ever. Interestingly the course does not run from top to bottom of the globe as one might expect but, in order to follow the correct route, the globe must be tipped-quite often through 90 degrees-and the route frequently crosses other paths like spaghetti junction. Guide the ball around the numbered course taking great care; tilt the globe just a little too far and the ball will leave the course and rattle frustratingly to the bottom. There are three starting bays, which take the ball to three different areas of the course, enabling the intensely frustrated to cheat and join the course after the point of their particular nemesis. Of course there is no satisfaction in cheating and there is an intense need to solve it from beginning to end however long it takes!
An infuriating but addictive maze game.
Tilt the spherical maze to guide your ball through platforms, holes and spirals.
138 Numbered sections guide you through the maze.
Multi-coloured and three-dimensional maze construction.
Suitable for ages 6 years +
Size: 19 cm diameter ball with 0.5 cm plastic rim across circumference