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Aboriginal Studies - Australian Curriculum


Years 1-2
Years 3-4
Years 5-6
Blackline Master

Australian Curriculum Aboriginal Studies

Australian Curriculum Aboriginal Studies is a series of four books designed to complement the teaching of Aboriginal studies in the national curriculum. Each unit of work is designed to recognise and emphasise the importance of Aboriginal culture within Australia.

  • Three sections: Investigating Country/Place, Investigating Culture and Investigating People
  • 21 x four-page units of work
  • Supports the teaching and learning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and histories content as found in the Australian Curriculum
  • Main curriculum links to Australian Curriculum Geography, History, Science and The Arts
  • Cross-curricular links to English, Technologies, Mathematics and Health and Physical Education
  • Teachers notes, key questions, skills and inquiry, suggested resources, background information, additional activities, answers, additional game resources