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Wissner aktiv lernen

Number Line Band - 1 to 100 - 1m long in plastic box


Maths Aids

1m long arithmetic band with numbers 0 to 100.  2.5cm wide.  Packed in round RE-Plastic box.

RE-Plastic is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic which is 100% recyclable again.

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About Wissner® aktiv lernen:

For over 45 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing didactically useful teaching and learning tools and learning game sets in the field of mathematics, all under our “Active Learning” guideline. But what exactly does that mean? For us, active learning means that we enjoy learning and develop products that appeal to different senses. They train three-dimensional vision, can be felt, understood and compared and thus promote children's individual talents. So that they can take their learning into their own hands and actively learn according to their needs — see, touch and understand. “Learn actively, have the courage to try something out, ask questions and discover your talents!”