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Envision Maths - Student Activity Book


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Give your primary students a deeper conceptual understanding and higher proficiency in Maths with enVisionMATHS, a topic-driven teaching and learning program across F-6 specifically created for with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Built in consultation with primary numeracy experts, authors and teachers, enVisionMATHS breaks new ground in developing maths understanding and engagement for primary students.

enVisionMATHS combines powerful visual learning strategies that make meaningful connections between known and new Maths ideas for your students, with breakthrough digital teaching and learning tools that cater to each teacher's technological expertise.

Differentiated teaching and learning strategies allow you to tailor your methods to improve students' learning. Program components can be adapted to all primary Maths classrooms around Australia and can be taught in any order.

enVisionMATHS was written by nationally and internationally recognised academics and leading classroom teachers from across the country.

Features and benefits of the Student Activity Books:

  • Books F, 1 and 2 are scrapbook sized.
  • Full-colour page spreads engage and appeal to students.
  • Allows for further conceptual understanding, fluency building, reasoning and mental computation.
  • Includes open ended problem solving in every lesson.
  • Aligns with Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content and proficiency strands.

The enVisionMATHS Student Activity Books are full-colour printed workbooks where students can develop their conceptual understanding, fluency building, reasoning and mental computation. Each lesson also includes an open ended problem solving task to complete the lesson. enVisionMATHS is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content and proficiency strands. Each lesson in the Student Activity Book displays the specific curriculum links at the top left-hand corner of the page.

enVisionMATHS has been written and edited by a team of top level Maths consultants, practising teachers and lecturers from across Australia. The author team is made up of leading lights in Australian Maths education, including Catherine Attard, Terri Bullock, Linda Flanagan, Judy Lewis, Carmen Morgan, Nicole Morrison, Heidi-Lee Reitsma, John Sandy, Jenny Saunders, Greg Thomas and Deborah Vietri.