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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Our Top Picks!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Our Top Picks!

Mums often spend so much time researching the perfect gift for those they love. They constantly research the perfect educational games and puzzles for their kids.

So much thought goes into everything they do.

So how do you even begin to say thank you, when they do so much?

Well, don’t forget that Mums likes puzzles, games, books, and challenges too! She’d likely love a fun and unique gift!

To make it easier on kids (and husbands) to choose a fun and unique Mothers Day gift, here are some of our top picks.

(Mums, feel free to share this post with whoever you need to share it with!).

Ravensburger Escape Puzzle - This isn’t your average jigsaw puzzle. These are actually Escape Rooms in a puzzle! Note the differences between the puzzle image shown on the box and the puzzle itself; those differences may help you.
Once you've assembled the puzzle, solve the riddles and brain teasers, and ESCAPE! h

ColourVelvet Poster - These are absolutely beautiful. No matter what your skill level, these will turn out stunning. The images are delineated in soft black velvet, so you can colour them with textas, coloured pencils, watercolour - anything you like! This is such a, beautiful, creative, and mindful gift.

Bananagrams - This is such a fun tile game. It’s like Scrabble, but quicker, and much more fun. There’s also no down time between turns, because all players play at the same time so nobody is just sitting around waiting. It’s such a great game!

6 Nimmt (6 Takes) - This is one of our favourite card games. It’s fun to play with your partner, with friends, with the kids. You can’t go wrong giving this game as a gift! It’s easy to learn, and it’s SO much fun to play!

Huzzle Cast Puzzle - These metal puzzles are a great challenge, and they’re available in levels varying from “a fun, easy challenge”, through to “it’ll drive you crazy trying to figure it out”. We love these because if you leave them out on the table, people tend to pick them up when they’re sitting there chatting, and it naturally stops people absentmindedly scrolling on their phones. Mum will appreciate the thought behind this gift, as well as the fun challenge.

Wasgij Puzzle - A jigsaw puzzle with a difference! Rather than the completed puzzle being the same as the image on the front of the box, you have to use your imagination and the clues provided to piece together a completely different picture than what the box shows. Clues could be “What are the people on the front of the box looking at?”, or “Look at the picture on the front of the box. What happens next?” - things like that. Such a unique gift!

EXIT: The Game - If Mum likes riddles and escape rooms, she will love these games. EXIT: The Game is a series of escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. But the clock is ticking! Can you escape? How much fun does this sound!

The Science of the Ocean: The Secrets of the Seas Revealed (book) - I love good photography, and I also love the ocean and animals, so this book would definitely be on my list. However, if these topics aren’t your Mum’s passion, Brain Spice has a beautiful range of books in a wide range of topics. A good, well thought out book, makes a great gift.

A Brain Spice voucher - Give Mum the gift of choice! She’ll love being able to shop for something for herself!

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