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Wild Connections

Red Centre Habitat Add-on - Australian Menagerie


Australian Menagerie - Standard Game sold separately.

Spectacular ranges and their surrounding slopes, dry water courses and flood plains form the heartland of Australia. Although not particularly high the ranges rise steeply from the surrounding plains and many have been eroded over millions of years into fascinating shapes by wind and water. These ranges provide many different habitats for plants and animals including narrow gorges which shade permanent pools of life-supporting water. The Red Centre also consists of extensive sand plains and dunes which support spectacular displays of wild flowers after rain.

Arid habitats, covering about 70% of the continent, are the most extensive in Australia. The Red Centre has an average daytime temperature of 35° C in summer and 25°C in winter and precipitation is unpredictable. So, although red kangaroos, dingos, emus and wallaroos live in the region the most common animals are small marsupials and native rodents, birds and reptiles which are able to find shelter during the hottest part of the day.

Further information about this habitat can be found at these sites:

Animals living in this habitat

  • Bilby
  • Mala
  • Princess Parrot
  • Thorny Devil

The extra threat included in this Menagerie™ ADD-ON Habitat is:

  • Foxes - eat native animals, compete with native animals for food and shelter and may spread disease.

The extra management strategy included in this Menagerie™ ADD-ON Habitat is:

  • Foxes - are controlled by poisoning, trapping, shooting, fencing and animal proofing garbage disposal units.