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Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice - Capacity-Building for Schoolwide Success


As a school administrator, instructional coach or teacher-leader, you know that reflective teachers are effective teachers. But how can you help teachers become self-reflective practitioners whose thoughtful approach translates into real gains for student achievement?

In Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice – a companion volume to their teacher-oriented book Teach, Reflect, Learn – authors Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral draw on lessons learned from educators across year levels, content areas and district demographics to present a definitive guide to developing a culture of reflective practice in your school.

Hall and Simeral expand on ideas originally presented in Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success to help you gain a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities – and those of your teachers – within each stage of the Continuum of Self-Reflection. Armed with the book’s real-life examples and research-based tools, you’ll learn how to determine the current location of all stakeholders on the continuum and how teacher-leadership activities, transformational feedback and strategic coaching can move them forward.

The end result? A schoolwide culture that both values reflection and uses it to ensure that teachers – and their students – reach their fullest potential.

Authors: Pete Hall & Alisa Simeral