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Coin Blaster Arcade - Klutz


If any single, universal truth binds the brotherhood of man, it is this: Kids love hitting targets. Or at least aiming for them. The video game industry owes its existence to this reality — but the virtual world pales in comparison to the satisfying real-life THONK! of a palpable hit.

Celebrate that shoot-'em-up energy with Coin Blasters Arcade, a collection of competitive table-top target games in a book. The coin blasters themselves are sturdy plastic chutes we've painstakingly custom-moulded to hold a coin steady and upright on its edge. With a simple flick of a finger — and a smidgen of practice — anyone can send that coin zooming with surprising speed and accuracy straight at the target.

And what targets!

The book is full of awesome paper engineering, resulting in a wide array of games. Take slap shots at a hockey goalie, shoot baskets at the Hot Shot Blaster Hoop, knock the teeth out of a monster's mouth, flick a nickel field foal and rescue pennies from a well-protected, uber-fortified, piggy bank prison. Ten different games test your coin-blasting mastery and let you dominate the kitchen table.

Now that's how you manage your money.