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Brain Spice

Big Powerstation - Böhm Stirling engine


This engine is packed with torque. The rocker arms are said to be a remind of a U-96 diesel engine (German WW2 submarine engine)!

This very well made German Stirling runs using the supplied burner. Just add methylated spirits (denatured alcohol), light and place under the Stirling engine. Wait a short while for engine to heat up and give the flywheel a flick. It will burst into life and get up to an impressive speed. You can then throttle the speed by sliding back the burner or removing.

Size: 156 mm x 108 mm x 130 mm

Weight: 1.2kg

Base plate: Beech Dark

Bearings: 6 high-class ball-bearings

Speed: 2500rpm

Working time: 30 min

Materials: Polished stainless steel screws & guide components; brass cylinder & wheels