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38,000 Hours of Rolling Entertainment...

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38,000 Hours of Rolling Entertainment...

Our rolling ball machine was built in late 2014, by the uniquely talented David Morrell of Avid Creations (check out ).

Over the years it has brought joy to many thousands, but this year it was starting to struggle. After about 38,000 hours of runtime, things were wearing out. It has been silent for days at a time.

We had some wheel repairs performed by Bunbury Plastics, but the sprockets and chain were a different story... beset with multiple issues, there was just no way to keep gluing them back together.

And we had no money for the repairs that were needed.

Then one of our regular visiting families saw the silent machine and heard about this, and Dad said, "I can help you there."

Several weeks later: our marble machine has shiny new stainless steel sprockets and axles, new chain, and even better, a weighted chain tensioner that has it running like a dream!

It is difficult to write this without a few tears of gratitude. A bit of cynicism seems to have crept into the world lately, and it is easy to buy into that. But beautiful, shiny people keep stepping into our shop and proving that there is plenty of generosity and kindness in this world. And we are blessed to work in a place where we can appreciate that, every day. 

Thank you, Nathan.

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