Brain Spice - we are lucky


Not too surprisingly, we had some teething problems this week with our bouncing baby webstore.  However things are on track now!


Unfortunately the Paypal payment option was not functioning for a large part of the week.  I only realised this when I went to add an additional payment option for credit account holders.  The Paypal problem was an issue that had already been identified and fixed on our test website.  However when we went live on Monday, the fix unfortunately did not carry over.  It is now, I am reassured, well and truly "fixed".


And hey schools, as I mentioned, I have now added an additional payment option for customers who have a credit account with us.  


This means that schools can:

  • see exactly what is in stock, 
  • select it online,
  • order it immediately, 
  • pay for it within the next month or so by any means they choose, and (if they are local)... 
  • ....have it dropped off to them for free.  
  • And, earn Loyalty Point bonuses in the bargain.  

 I hope that is a reasonable deal? :-)  If you are a school or educational institution and you would like to raise a credit account with us, it is free - just contact me on Customer Support!


The other issue this past week has been the communication between our webstore and our shop's retail system.  Essentially, in a nutshell, the no frills explanation is, I broke it.  On Monday.  By doing something that was (in hindsight) sleep-deprived foolishness.  I know exactly what I did, and I know how to avoid doing it again.  So, um, that's fixed then.


I've had to spend some time on other stuff this week, like my overdue BAS - I could hear my accountant tapping his fingers on the desk from three blocks away.  Over the next few weeks though, I aim to do a lot of cleaning up: get those last product images and descriptions done, check and refine the filters and catalogs, and so on.  


I'm also trying to win some respect from Google and other search engines.  


Today though, is Father's Day.  I'm not a Dad, but our two Corgi's are going to ensure that I have a great day anyway.  I hope you do too!!