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KAIKO Fidgets

Out Of This World Grip



The super power of the Out Of This World Grip is incredible.

Two-handed stretch resistance for emotional regulation. Really helpful when feeling BIG FEELINGS.

They can be used to channel energy and feelings into into high resistance pulling and stretching rather than more destructive actions.

Also great for redirection & harm minimisation.  

Awesome as a upper body, arm and hand strengthening device also.  

The Out Of This World Grip is so named because it looks like a UFO/planet, they can cop a beating & they are an AWESOME fidget tool!

Can be used one handed or two.  Even can be used to stretch using toe & hand combination. 

These are designed to withstand stetching. Can they break? - of course, but not easily. Anything that is created to pull and stretch can break. However, these will take a huge amount of effort and persistence to break.

Material :  Silicone. 

Comes loose - not in a box.

Not intended for oral use. 

Suitable for 3 and up.  

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