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KAIKO Fidgets

Wrist Spikey - Large Plus a Bit Size



This is a LARGE wrist spikey - great for strong sensory input.

WRIST SPIKEYS - are Stretchy Metal. These are ideally suited to those who like strong sensory input. The Kaiko Wrist Spikey Fidget is one of Kaiko's most popular fidgets for those who need deep and focused pressure to assist with self-regulation.

The Kaiko wrist spikey fidget is discreet, and looks like a trendy piece of jewellery. It is quiet and it keeps your hands busy, allowing you to focus.

It is made of a black powder-coated carbon steel metal that is 'woven' to be stretchy and flexible.

Also touted to have remedial benefit, stimulating acupressure points & assisting with circulation.

It is an ideal fidget for those who

  • pick at their skin, fingernails and clothing.
  • Especially for those who live with anxiety.
  • We have had particularly good feedback from those who self-harm.

The unstretched internal diameter (across) measurements are:

SMALL: 3cm - super intense for adults or for tiny child wrists.

MEDIUM: 3.5 cm - this is a great size for intense input for adult wrists to use as needed, then take off.

LARGE: 4cm - For all day wear for younger children or for petite wrists.

XL: 5cm for the XL - usually this is the best size for all day wear.

Some ways to use the wrist spikey...

  • Roll up & down the arm
  • Rub between two palms
  • Hold in one or two hands to fidget
  • Wear on wrist & flick
  • Place on wrist & twist around (similar to a 'Chinese burn') applying varying degrees of pressure dependent on preference. This technique has been particularly helpful for some in minimising self harm. It can provide the 'hurt' without the harm to the skin. Of course, the spikey fidget does not replace accessing professional help. It is a useful tool for the kit bag.
  • Rub it on parts of body to replace picking, such as lips

Please note: if wearing the wrist spikey for any period of time, it is important to monitor the skin to ensure it it is not compromising circulation. Many who like this also like the Kaiko Spikey for their finger.

The spikey material is not designed to be over stretched/ over extended using both hands. If overstretched it will become out of shape and not return to its original form. Thus, not suitable for those who like to pull at things with two hands, pull things apart, or generally test limits of products!