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Word Puzzles - Five Letter Words


Word Puzzles Five Letter is an interactive educational tool designed to introduce young children to basic five-letter words using picture puzzles. These puzzles serve as an engaging way to develop early literacy skills and offer a hands-on learning experience.

Children can use the vibrant image on one side of the puzzle to help assemble the corresponding five-letter word. For an additional challenge and reinforcement of their learning, children can flip the puzzle over and try to build the word using only the provided letters.

Each set includes 15 double-sided puzzles, providing 30 different five-letter words to learn and explore. The sturdy puzzle pieces are designed for little hands, able to endure repeated use without losing their shape.

With Word Puzzles Five Letter, children can enjoy an enriching activity that strengthens their understanding of basic words and the letters that form them. This resource is an excellent addition to any early learning environment, be it at home or in the classroom.

Ages 4+