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Xtrem Bots

Mazzy - Xtreme Bot


  •  For children from 8 years
  •  2 construction options: robot or vehicle
  •  More than 100 components to assemble and lots of fun
  •  Programmable up to 60 actions. 2 programming modes: from the control panel or from the APP
  •  Sounds and dance mode
  •  40 different facial expressions
  •  Electronic PCB with Bluethooth® technology.
  •  Obstacle sensor
  •  Free APP for iOS or Android

Build | Code | Play

Mazzy represents another step forward for our family of STEM toys which help children develop basic competencies in science and technology. We will build our own programmable robot from scratch, in a simple and intuitive way. Also, once assembled, its multiple play options will provide hours and hours of fun!

2 Settings: Rover or Robot

Decide if you want to build a cute robot or a powerful caterpillar rover. Remember that you can switch between settings in a few simple steps!

Programmable from the APP or from the robot

Thanks to a visual and intuitive programming system, we will learn to program Mazzy’s movements, sounds and facial expressions. The robot also includes a keypad which allows you to directly program its movements, without the need for an app. Entering the world of programming is more fun and easier than ever with Mazzy!

4 game modes with the APP

Mazzy has 4 game modes: Drive, Code, Buddy or Game. You can access all of them through the APP:

  • Direct control via command or gyro control system
  • Programming
  • Buddy: facial expressions and sounds
  • Gameplay

Easy to assemble

Mazzy is designed to be fun, accessible and intuitive to assemble. Its full colour manual will guide us step by step in detail until we complete the assembly of our own Bluetooth® robot.

Skills that are developed

We design our toys to develop STEM thinking and stimulate problem solving in creative and fun ways.