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Penguin Magic

Winter Star Playing Cards - Green


Winter is a wondrous season and the perfect time of year to share the fun of magic & games with the ones you love.

This special, ultra-limited Green version of Winter Star playing cards brings the seasonal joy with their 100% custom artwork. Designed by Gabriel Costache, the back design features an optical illusion gift box background with an 8-pointed central star. Finely detailed linework gives the back design a classic, timeless feel.

The faces are customised with vintage-style courts, but remain highly playable. Each of the aces has an enlarged centre pip, and two jokers are included for use as wild cards. A double-backed and blank-faced card are included as well.

Winter Star marks the debut of Penguin's new UltraLux XT™ Finish. Printed on high-grade European paper, this new card stock is thinner and softer than our standard UltraLux™, making certain moves that much easier straight out of the box. Of course, the cards are just as durable as classic UltraLux™ decks and offer terrific longevity.

The cards also feature AquaFlow™ Coating, our water-based coating that gives the cards excellent glide without being too slippery. The cards are traditionally-cut for easy table faro shuffles and are printed using vegetable-based inks.

The deck is packaged in a durable custom tuck box with inside & outside printing, and topped off with an individually-numbered sticker seal.

Spread the joy all winter long with Winter Star playing cards!

Only 500 of these limited-edition decks have been printed.

•Ultra-limited printing of 500 decks
•100% custom artwork by Gabriel Costache
•Debut of UltraLux XT™ Finish
•AquaFlow™ water-based coating
•Printed with vegetable-based inks
•Includes 2 gaff cards
•Custom tuck with inside & outside printing
•Individually-numbered sticker seal