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Wander Fly Magic Wand


Own your own portable Van de Graaff generator! 

The Wander Fly magic wand is a static charge engine that separates electrons and protons, accumulating a positive static charge on the tip of the wand. 

By touching the wand to a variety of tinsel shapes, you can bring them to life and make them levitate around the room!

The thin tinsel becomes charged when touched by the wand, causing the shapes to expand and float via electrostatic repulsion.  The result is truly magical!

The wand comes with five mylar (tinsel) shapes.  If you have some tinsel lying around from Christmas, you can try making your own floating shapes, but they need to be very light (so no sticky tape).  Try knotting the ends of the tinsel lengths, so that they make a loop or a ball when the shape is charged.

Here is an interesting article about the "Wander Fly" magic wand from the perspective of a Czech science teacher!  Explore the wonders of electrical charge in the classroom (or at home, of course) with this wand.  And here is a wonderful collection of learning activities by our friends at Professor Bunsen Science.

 Needs 2x AA Batteries (not included).