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Tower Stacks


Build your castle from the ground up!

Tower Stacks challenges players to build a vertical castle using 9 puzzle pieces. Start from the floor and use planning skills to stack the pieces and solve the 80 included challenges, from easy to expert. A classic brain teaser for kings and queens, young and old!

Inside the Box: 9 castle-shaped puzzle pieces, challenge booklet with 80 challenges and solutions.

Step 1: Choose a challenge. Set up the ground floor of your castle by placing the puzzle pieces shown adjacent to each other so that the top view matches the challenge.

How to play Tower Stacks - Step 1 - Brain Spice

Step 2: Place all the remaining puzzle pieces ON TOP of the ground floor to complete your castle. The castle can have more than 2 floors…you don’t know how many until you have found the solution!

How to play Tower Stacks - Step 2 - Brain Spice

Step 3: There is only 1 solution, shown in the back of the challenge booklet.

How to play Tower Stacks - Step 3 - Brain Spice

Ages: 8 to adult

Number of Challenges: 80

Number of Players: 1