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Magic Makers

Top Secret Card Magic - DVD

$32.00 $19.00

The great secrets of card magic are revealed to you in this step-by-step instructional magic training course.

These are proven effects that even fool magicians. The best part about this course on Top Secret Card Magic is that most of the effects are easy to learn and easy to perform.

List of Effects In This Instructional Magic Course:

  • Blink- Change a card with one blink of an eye.
  • Elevator Card - Move a card through a deck like an elevator.
  • Phantom Control - A deceptive method of a complete control over a card.
  • Levitating Deck - Making a deck rise in your hand.
  • Red & Blacks (Oil & Water) - The classic oil & water effect has been perfected.
  • Push Through Shuffle - A great false shuffle.
  • Side Steal Drop - A card move that will fool magicians.
  • The One - A one handed false shuffle.
  • Transpo - Cards switch position. Truly amazing!
  • Twisting the Aces - Magically transform cards in your hand.
  • Restored Card - Variation of the ReinCARDNation... A torn & restored card miracle!

Historical Significance In Magic:

We believe many of the effects on this DVD are original ideas of MagicMakers & Kris Nevling. However, several of the effects on TOP SECRETCARD MAGIC were inspired by great ideas in Magic; such as the ElevatorCard (which we credit Gerry Griffin for is ideas on levitation).Crediting is can be found on the instructional parts of this DVD.