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Hawker Brownlow

Tools for Teaching Writing - Strategies and Interventions for Diverse Learners in Grades 3-8

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Students struggle with writing for the simple reason that it is remarkably complex. Writing is a lengthy process; demands intense concentration; and requires attention to countless rules, conventions and traits.

The strategies and tools presented in this book target struggling writers in years 3–8 and teaches with limited time. Campos and Fad describe eight traits that lead to writing success: focus, coherence, organisation, development of ideas, voice, word choice, conventions and presentation. With a solid understanding of these traits, students are firmly positioned on the road to mastery. The following materials are included (many of which are available as printable downloads):

  • Writing prompts
  • Evaluation protocols
  • 30 step-by-step writing strategies
  • Reproducible worksheets and graphic organisers
  • Differentiated strategies for ELLs and struggling readers
  • Progress monitoring forms
  • Parent resources

This book will help teachers to teach writing to students with diverse learning styles, and the powerful tools presented are aligned with national standards and can be used immediately in lesson planning.