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Toe by Toe - A Highly Structured Multi-sensory Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents - 5th edition


  • The Toe by Toe reading workbook has to date helped over half a million struggling readers to unlock their potential. Toe by Toe is for anyone who finds reading difficult. This includes weak readers who struggle to decode or those with dyslexia or dyslexic difficulties.
  • Regardless of the nature of literacy problems, everyone can be taught to read using Toe By Toe. It requires only 20 minutes of coaching a day and you'll see immediate improvements in your child's reading confidence. It can be used by parents or by teachers – you don't need to be a trained educator to help a child read with Toe By Toe.
  • Toe by Toe is an easy-to-use literacy manual that has given thousands of children, teens and adults with reading difficulties the gift of reading. Toe by Toe genuinely changes lives.
  • It doesn't matter if you are aged seven or 70, Toe by Toe can improve any struggling reader's reading age by years, in just a few weeks or months of studying. This can typically be achieved with just 20 minutes a day.
  • Toe by Toe is essentially a decoding book. It trains struggling readers to identify written text, easily and quickly. This enables them to convert letters and words into the appropriate sounds so that they speak and pronounce them correctly every time.
  • The beauty of Toe by Toe is that it can be studied at home. Almost anyone can teach it. You don't need to be a qualified teacher. A parent. A family member or friend. Even a sibling. Almost anyone could be a mentor, teaching struggling readers how to read. All exercises are easily to follow, and everything is clearly explained.

Learn more about Toe-By-Toe at their UK website here.  Also in the same product range: Stride Ahead and Stareway to Spelling!