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Time Matters - Australian Curriculum


Book 1
Book 2
Blackline Master

Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Time matters

Paul Swan and Linda Marsh all have combined to create two follow-up books to the popularMoney Matters. Following a similar approach, the authors outline how children may be taught time concepts, ranging from telling the time to the language of time and more complex ideas. Written in the same style as Money Matters, these book provides fascinating background notes, practical advice and a range of stimulating tasks for developing an understanding of time.

Book 1

Covers all the time-related content from the Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 3, and much more!

Book 2

Develops deeper understandings of time concepts. The authors build on the concepts found in Book 1 and move beyond that, teaching time-related skills. Realistic applications of time concepts are provided in this publication. Teachers are given the background knowledge and support required to help students understand complex time concepts such as time zones, elapsed time, time lines and the role of time in everyday life such as the reading and interpretation of timetables. Book 2 not only applies the concepts developed in the previous book, but also covers the middle and upper primary time-related content in the Australian Curriculum, and then extends these ideas.