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The Encyclopedia of My Immaturity - Klutz


A journal for goofballs.

Announcing the last thing you would expect from The Encyclopedia of Immaturity people: a diary.

We know — 'diary' sounds like it has the dearest little lock on it and maybe a kitten on the cover, with pastel pages to be filled in with the sensitive writing of a tender soul on a voyage of self-discovery. Yeah, this diary is nothing like that.

The Encyclopedia of My Immaturity is a wise-cracking collection of write-in-the-book activities immortalising the triumphs of a misspent youth. Like your sister's diary, this journal comes with a handy pen mounted right on the front cover. Unlike your sister's diary, it also comes with a few fake fill-in-the-blank, parent-praising journal entries (for the benefit of unauthorised snoops).