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Hawker Brownlow

The Beginning Teachers Field Guide - Embarking on Your First Years


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The personal side of starting a teaching career – the joys and pains – often goes undiscussed. The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide: Embarking on Your First Years offers the advice and empathy F–12 beginning teachers so desperately need.

Author Tina H. Boogren pairs the six phases a new teacher goes through, with personal essays she wrote during her first years in the classroom.

  1. anticipation
  2. survival
  3. disillusionment
  4. rejuvenation
  5. reflection
  6. second anticipation

She arms readers with classroom strategies and self-care practices tailored to the challenge they’re likely to encounter in each phase, and encourages them to record their reflections directly in the book.

With this book, readers will:

  • understand the challenges they’re likely to experience during each phase
  • learn how to manage classroom behaviour and build and maintain positive relationships with students
  • accomplish self-care that tends to their hearts, minds and bodies despite how busy they are
  • journal throughout the school year, reflecting on what works in the classroom and what doesn’t, to plan for the coming year
  • respond to prompts that help them process and reflect on their year and professional successes.