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Hawker Brownlow

The Autism Lens - Everything Teachers Need to Connect with Students Build Confidence and Promote Classroom Learning


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The autism lens helps teachers connect to students with autism and support them confidently within inclusive classrooms. Exploring communication difficulties that affect socialisation and learning, this book removes the guesswork by offering practical solutions that:

  • foster inclusion
  • respond proactively to student needs
  • prevent challenging moments
  • motivate
  • develop strengths
  • boost resilience
  • nurture independence.

Based on years of conversations with teachers, support staff, parents and students, the practical strategies in this timely book will relieve any teacher anxiety you might feel around meeting the needs of a child with autism. You will learn how to nurture, support, and engage students in creative ways. Numerous easy-to-use, classroom-tested strategies – which will benefit the entire class – are explored in this comprehensive resource.

The power of the teacher–student connection is at the heart of this book. Woven throughout are stories about real students that will encourage you to look at instruction from students’ points of view. From this perspective, you can build relationships, gain trust and nudge children into the space where learning happens.

The autism lens offers new and seasoned teachers a glimpse into the classroom experiences of autistic children to better understand their strengths, needs and potential.