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Brain Spice

The Amazing Squishy Brain Lab


Build a brain, then pick it apart!

The Amazing Squishy Brain is a 24-piece, anatomically correct model with a moving mandible (jawbone)!

The brain and eyes are made from a relative mix of squishiness, which makes for a realistic experience of our body's grey matter.

It's a no Brainer!

  • Hands-on anatomy reinforces learning (build and Learn)
  • High-end brain model with relative squishy brain pieces
  • Anatomically correct, modelled from a real human brain
  • Puzzle like assembly
  • 9 piece transparent skull that fits together at the sutures
  • 8 squishy brain parts
  • Squishy eyeballs
  • 4 vertebrae pieces with spinal cord
  • skull base
  • Tools: forceps, scalpel, and tweezers
  • Skull map
  • Brain blister with labels
  • 32 page fully illustrated book.