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Paul Swan

Teaching Place Value


Year 2

This series of books is designed to support a whole school approach to the teaching of place value.

Plans, assessments and activities are provided for each year level. Using these resources teachers will be able to differentiate activities to meet the needs of students.

Activities use simple materials and are ideal as short warm-ups and can form the basis for an entire lesson.

Teaching Place Value Series Curriculum Links


ACMNA027: Recognise, represent, and order numbers to at least 1000.

ACMNA028: Group, partition and rearrange collections up to 1000 in hundreds, tens, and ones to facilitate more efficient counting.


AC9M2N01: Recognise, represent and order numbers to at least 1000 using physical and virtual materials, numerals and number lines.

AC9M2N02: Partition, rearrange, regroup and rename two- and three-digit numbers using standard and non-standard groupings; recognise the role of a zero digit in place value notation.