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Mr Puzzle

Symmetrick 2-Piece Puzzle


Designed by Vesa Timonen. The challenge is to make a symmetric shape from the two acrylic pieces. Both pieces should be flat on the table.

Very few people were able to solve this one when given by Tomas Linden at the International Puzzle Party in Washington DC, August 2012.

Seems a simple challenge? And just two pieces? But we all know that Vesa has come up with some amazing designs that look so simple so this puzzle is not to be underestimated. Remember The Loop puzzle? The puzzle won both the Puzzlers Choice and the Jury Grand Prize at the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2007. Just one of many designs awards he’s won over the years.

The puzzle is laser cut from 6mm cast acrylic so it has a nice sold feel. One piece black and one piece white.

It’s ideal to carry in your pocket and whip out to challenge friends. All the instructions are engraved on the black piece so you’re carrying it with you.

Hint: Australia

Size: The two pieces are slightly different but their size is similar. 30mm wide and approximately 70mm long.