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Brain Spice

Study Less and Remember More


Improve your high school and college grades by working smarter, not harder!

Accelerated Learning Coach Ben Colman distills the most powerful study tools in this fresh book for busy students. These are the same tips and tricks that helped him get the top grade in high school, and be offered a full scholarship for university.

  • Remember easily using the power of imagination, rather than rote-learning

  • A simple method for speed reading

  • A practical blueprint for better essays

  • How to maintain laser focus

  • Remember dates and numbers with ease

  • Create a winning mindset

  • Nutrition and sleep tips

  • Pinpoint weakness for fast success

  • An interview with World Champion Speed Cuber Feliks Zemdegs

  • Plus more!

Whether you want to achieve the top grade in your school for entrance to law or medicine, or simply want to remember more of what you hear in class, this is the book is for you. You don’t need to be a genius to read this book. Anyone can improve their memory and mental ability.

Are you ready to reach your full potential?