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Ages 6+
2+ Players

Steal is a fast and furious new letter game of cunning, treachery and outright theft! A hugely exciting game from New Zealand, with all letter tiles contained in a handy mask-shaped fabric bag, allowing it to be played almost anywhere. Steal is suitable for 2-8 players of all ages, easy to learn but more difficult to master.

Play proceeds by flipping tiles (every 2-3 seconds), with players calling out and forming three+ letter words from the exposed letters. As the game proceeds, the aim then is to steal words from your opponents by adding one or more letters. So pin might be stolen as pain, and stolen again as inapt, then pliant, implant, platinum, manipulate, planetarium, perambulating etc....! All the while other words are of course being formed and stolen.

The set contains ten coloured STEAL letters which double the score of the word, so the highest scores are always obtained by assembling/stealing long words containing a coloured letter. Play is further enhanced by the mask (joker) tile which can be any letter you want (& can change as the word is stolen).

Flipping stops while words are being assembled (with the last assembler being next to flip) but stealing does not. So often a word is stolen whilst it is being formed with the addition of an already-exposed new letter! Frustrating and hilarious at the same time, bringing out the competitive streak of everyone who plays. Once all letters are flipped and no more words can be made or stolen...the scores are counted up to find the winner.

2–8 Players

15–30 Min Playing Time

Game Complexity (1=straightforward; 5=complex): 1.00

Age: 5+

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