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Mechanic Industries

Snakes and Ladders Playing Cards


Living up to their tagline 'Fixing Games Since 2012', Mechanic Industries have re-imagined the game of Snakes & Ladders but in a Quantum Mechanics kinda way! Twinned serpents create a snaking ladder using the trademarked 13 repeating back marking system. Riffle through the deck to activate the animation and give your spectators a truly magical moment... then hit them with the other hidden and surprise tricks.


Multiple ways to read the backs, very clear and easy to determine value at a quick glimpse. Full detailed instructions included in the tutorial that accompanies this deck.


All aces, not just the ace of spades have custom snake illustrations incorporated into the design. The typical red colour of the hearts and diamonds has been replaced with a golden yellow to match the rest of the deck. The royals in the courts have visual snake elements.


A really surprising moment when a snake shoots out of the deck in an instant and steals the corner of the spectators card. Use the flip-book animation to set them up then strike them with this for shocking reactions!


A super creative and fun way to reveal a spectators card. Inventive design uses the snake to reveal a force card of the 8 of diamonds! Use any colour change to activate the transformation and change the snake into the spectators 'freely' chosen card! This is a great little trick in itself but can be combined with the Snakebite Gaff and other features in the deck to create a full Snakes & Ladders routine.


Truly original boundary pushing magic with full video tutorial support. We teach you how to read the markings and give you multiple routines using the Snakebite and Joker reveal gaffs to get you ssssstarted!