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Learning Can Be Fun

Simple Sentence Snap


Snap Simple Sentence is a dynamic educational game, designed to improve children's comprehension and word recognition skills. It brings an interactive twist to learning, making it an engaging and enjoyable experience for children.

The game encourages children to be the first to SNAP when a sentence card and a picture card match, reinforcing their understanding of sentence construction and boosting their cognitive and language skills. Beyond group play, the game can also be used as an individual activity where a child can match 40 simple sentences to the correct pictures, promoting independent learning.

The set includes 160 laminated cards and detailed instructions to ensure a seamless and effective learning experience. All components are housed in a sturdy storage box with dimensions of 20cm x 16cm x 4cm, ensuring easy storage and longevity.

Snap Simple Sentence is an excellent educational tool, bringing together the elements of fun and learning. It's a game that supports literacy development in a playful and engaging manner, making it an essential resource for any learning environment.

Ages 5+