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Hawker Brownlow

Serious Comix - Engaging Students with Digital Storyboards

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Comic books are a great tool for engaging struggling learners, and when students use technology to create their comic books they build both digital age and traditional literacy skills. Illustrating the story helps students with visual literacy, which in turn helps them express their thoughts; develop a storyline; and strengthen their reading, writing and analytical skills. Serious Comix: Engaging Students with Digital Storyboards can helps students at all levels overcome reading and writing difficulties by improving their literacy skills in an environment that fosters learning, collaboration and creativity.

Eydie Wilson walks you through her own journey implementing the Serious Comix project, teaching students with special needs in her New York City school. She covers the challenges she faced in a school with limited and outdated technology, outlines the measures she took to ensure a differentiated and student-centred experience, and shares the students’ progress as they moved through the project.