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KAIKO Fidgets

Sand Art - 17.5cm - Pink


Amazingly sensory and calming these are a new contemporary shape on an old time favourite.

This style is more flexible that most as the round sand art section is not secured into the frame so can be rotated around on any angle to really allow flexibility of sand movement and use.

Quite magical to look at and watch. This sand art display uses the power of gravity to create an ever-changing piece of sand art. You rotate the glass ring & watch as the various shades of glittery sand shifts into unique landscapes.

Great for the bench, bookshelf, desk, bedside etc.

Things to note:

These are hand filled so no two are exactly the same, both in sand and air levels. Each unique sand art will flow differently. Its not a fault more a design variation. If you find the sand isn't flowing well it is usually due to the air inside has formed a solid band. You just need to shake it gently to break up the air to form 'bubbles' (which will allow sand to fall through) or tilt it slightly to adjust flow.

Features black frame with coloured sand. Clear screen is glass. Not suitable for 6 and under and keep out of reach of young children or those that are likely to be rough with it. The round section (without the stand included) measures 17.5 cm across.

Not suitable for under 10 years of age. Contains glass.