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Mechanic Industries

Roulette Playing Cards


Custom Deck

By Mechanic Industries: Roulette Playing Cards

Bringing all of the fun of the Casino into your hands, and then ultimately into your audience's experience. Everyone knows and loves the game of Roulette, so it's the perfect vehicle to connect with that uses a familiar theme. Building on our previous Mechanic Decks, we've flip-book-animated the Roulette wheel. This not only allows you add narrative and create some truly amazing new magic tricks using the countdown / spell to principle, it also doubles up as an easy to use marking system. The court cards have been customised with Roulette motifs such as the rake, the ball and of course the cash! Expertly illustrated to blend seamlessly with the classic artwork, these really finish the deck off. Free video instruction with over 10 new tricks and how to read the marking system included!


All the Roulette tricks taught in detail. Multiple skill level options, self working and medium-advanced handling. Learn the patter, the sleights, the timing, the off beats and more. A fully flavoured gambling routine stacked all into one deck.


We have two Croupier themed Jokers illustrated in an 'Erdnase’ style. One holding a ball and one in a 'just thrown the ball' type of pose. This allows some cool colour change animations and acts a nice intro into some of the more in-depth effects.


There's also a box gaff prediction card and we're going to teach you an amazing, yet easy to do effect called House Edge. There's so much material that comes along with this deck of playing cards! All the tricks taught have a gambling style theme and you can combine all of the effects into the ultimate casino magic routine


We've even managed to include 1 red back card, so you can make use of that for colour changing deck or Monte style routines. Mechanic Casino Edition Roulette Playing Cards are printed on premium crushed USPCC stock so they handle like a dream.


Roulette Playing Cards from Mechanic Industries on Vimeo.