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Mechanical Master

Pull Back White Super Car - 437pc


Introducing the iM.Master Pull Back Super Car in White - a stunning creation that perfectly embodies the cool and sleek design of a sports car. With its streamlined body, 4 simulated wheels, and exceptional driving stability, this car promises a thrilling ride.

Experience the excitement of the strong pull forward function - simply drag the car back, release it, and watch it zoom forward with impressive speed. With rich play possibilities, this sports car offers endless fun, making it ideal for both assembly and displaying in your collection.

Crafted with precision technology particles, this set ensures a compact and high-quality fit, preventing any disassembly issues and ensuring durability after assembly. Get ready to embrace the ultimate driving experience with iM.Master and explore the thrilling world of speed and style!

Product Size: 25 x 11.4 x 6.6 cm

Ages 6+

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