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Paul Swan

Probability Chance Experiments


Middle Primary
Upper Primary
Blackline Master

Probability Chance Experiments - Middle Primary

With a kit of simple materials (coins. counters, cards, dice, spinners and a draw-string bag), students will be able to try a variety of chance experiments that highlight fundamental ideas of probability.

The experiments at the start of the book are designed to model the collecting of data, drawing up a table, making predictions and performing multiple trials. As the book progresses the experiments become more involved and students have to design their own tables and make decisions about how to carry out the experiments. They will also look at the key ideas of dependent and independent events.

Probability Chance Experiments 2 - Upper Primary

This book builds on the experiments contained in book 1 and introduces the ideas of sample spaces – the systematic listing of possible outcomes. The experiments become more sophisticated as students become involved in simulations.

Students may compare the results of their hands on experience with digital versions of experiments that students and teachers can access. While the experiments are more sophisticated they use the same materials as book 1. They will recognise that probabilities range from 0 to 1, and can also be expressed using fractions, decimals and percentages.

Students will be encouraged to make organised lists and sample spaces, and compare theoretical probability with the results of collecting data through performing experiments.

Includes Digital Technologies activities at