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Primary Science

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Primary Science is aimed to provide the classroom teacher with everything they need for a successful science program. Primary Science gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the world around them and to engage in collaborative learning that makes science interesting and exciting. Comprehensive teachers notes accompany each student activity. Concepts, knowledge and skills share an equal emphasis in each unit, along with developing positive attitudes to science.


  • eight topics per year including: Insects, Mini-beasts, Rocks and Soils, Fossils, Properties of Materials, Recycling, Light and Shadows, Solar Energy
  • topics represent the four main strands of science education: Biological Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Physical Sciences

Detailed teachers notes including:

  • outcomes and indicators for each activity
  • assessment activities
  • display ideas
  • detailed background information for the teacher
  • lesson stimulus
  • step-by-step lesson procedures
  • additional activities
  • website references
  • related language lists
  • activities provide a balance of investigation and understanding of core science content
  • detailed teachers notes on setting up a science program ... and much more!