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Penguins Huddle Up


Get together or Freeze!

Penguins are scattered across the ice and it’s starting to get cold! Move your penguins together into a huddle… while blocking your opponents from doing the same. The first player to bring their entire penguin family together wins the game.

A strategic board game to play with family.

Inside the Box: 1 game board, 4 penguin families (each with 3 large and 3 small penguins), 6 ice blocks (4 straight ice blocks and 2 curved ice blocks), game rules with 2 different difficulty-levels.

Step 1: Set up the game by taking turns scattering your opponent’s penguin family across the ice.

How to play Penguins Huddle Up - Brain Spice

Step 2: On your turn move your penguins towards each other by moving to an ice patch, jumping over other penguins, or diving underneath the ice.

How to play Penguins Huddle Up - Brain Spice

Step 3: Move their penguin family into a single connected group. The heads of your penguins must be at the same height as well, meaning all 3 large penguins must be standing directly on the game board and all small penguins must be standing on ice blocks to win.

How to play Penguins Huddle Up - Brain Spice

Ages: 6 to adult

Number of Players: 2-4 players

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