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Oxford University Press

Oxford Maths Assess

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Year 3
Teachers Reference

Oxford Maths Assess is a comprehensive mathematics assessment solution for Years 2 to 6 that provides both assessment of and assessment for learning.

Linked explicitly to the Australian Curriculum, Oxford Maths Assess blends seamlessly with any maths teaching resource or approach.

Oxford Maths Assess:

  • is easy for teachers, students and parents to follow
  • provides teachers with assessment content that shows basic understanding and fluency of a topic, and also provides students with content that enables them to:
    - think about their understanding of a topic
    - extend themselves by applying the concepts further or by comparing different ways of working
    - show and explain the way they have solved a problem or why a method does or doesn’t work
  • provides evidence of a student’s level of achievement in every content strand of mathematics (assessment of learning), but also provides teachers with verification of a student’s proficiency level in the key areas of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning (assessment for learning)
  • includes a grading guide and suggestions for students who are achieving beyond or below the expected level of achievement.