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Lost Deer Forest Edition Playing Cards


Lost Deer has been designed by Eriksson, created by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and printed by USPCC, limited to 2500 copies.

This is a graceful and mysterious playing cards deck, showing you a mixture of Chinese and Western Art and Aesthetics. The graceful and mysterious design of the deer in Lost Deer Playing Cards deck is outlined only by lines and finished with traditional ink painting from the west.

Inside, the face cards have been designed from the ground up. The indices are more polished, the customs courts have been redesigned to suit the overall style and eye-catching geometric elements on the corner and centre of the face cards makes the deck look good for card flourishes.

The card backs feature a vortex formed after the distortion of the antlers. The gradual colour change makes the deck look mysterious. The deck is packaged in a minimalistic tuck box, with a wrap-around elk-shaped mosaic design of the deer prominently featured.


  • The fusion and collision of Chinese and Western cultural elements
  • Mystery inspiration
  • 100% redesigned
  • Rare purple and forest
  • Two decks can be combined into a complete dream
  • 54 cards + billboard
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Classic stock
  • Air-cushion finish