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Mechanic Industries

Optricks Red Edition - Animated Playing Cards


Custom Deck

Flip-book animated Illusion Backs

Take your magic to another dimension. Resprayed Red and reloaded with three of the most innovative gaff playing cards imaginable. We have employed an Anamorphic technique to achieve some brain twisting moments. We have developed powerful magic routines that turn just 1 deck of cards into a themed tool kit with an arsenal of concepts. Combine optical illusions gaff cards and sleight of hand to create never before seen magical moments with this cutting edge gaff deck of cards. Use as the base deck for use with the new Visualies Gaff System.


A new concept in sleight of hand, this eye popping optical illusion gaff card opens up a world of exploration. Use your favourite sleights to create full routines that will astound your audiences.


This is our approach to an faux 'empty box' type routine. Our method really streamlines this type of effect with super fair handling and a truly deceptive and sneaky method you are going to love!


Our Grinder coin is back with realistic rendering to really play tricks with your spectators. Double-sider simplifies routines like Grindout and makes the handling much simpler and easy to do. (Grinder coin not included.)