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Freedom Playing Card Company

Linen Eagle 1864 Replica Playing Cards - Original Release


1864 Saladee's Patent Limited Restoration

For over 500 years people used playing cards without indices in the corners. Then on February 9, 1864 Cyrus W. Saladee was issued a United States Patent, No. 41,587 to print numbers, suit symbols, letters, and miniature playing cards in the corner of a playing card. The patent was purchased by Samuel Hart and he put Saladee's name on the deck and Ace of Spades.

The rare piece of history is known as the Saladee's Patent Deck. Others eventually started to print indices, as we see in the Squeezers and Triplicates which began production 12 years later in 1876.

Original Release:

  • Original Release
  • Square Corners
  • Linen Casino Grade Stock
  • Velvet Finish
  • Standard Poker size
  • Wrapped in paper and 2 numbered stamp seals
  • Limited to 864
  • The tuck box is paper wrapped with 2 numbered stamp seals
  • The deck is limited to 864 each stamp is numbered (__ of 864)
  • Complete restoration of the Saladee's Patent deck.
  • Each card was redrawn by hand
  • This version has square corners like the original 1864 deck.
  • Finest German casino grade paper
  • Printed by The Freedom Playing Card Company
  • Custom Stamp numbered seal
  • 56 cards in deck
  • 52 playing cards
  • 1 Best Bower card (This is the card that existed before Jokers)
  • 1 double back card
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity card
  • 1 Bazique game score card
Product Details:
UPC: 697691999227
Brand: Freedom Playing Card Company