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RIC Publications

Lifestyle Choices


Ages 6-8
Blackline Master

Ways to balance diet, exercise and sleep.

Lifestyle Choices is a series of blackline master books to develop awareness of the detrimental effects an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet can have. It draws attention to our sedentary lifestyle and dependence on fast food. It provides information and suggestions for making healthier choices and ways to balance diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Information needed by the students (where applicable)
  • Clear instructions for completing each worksheet
  • Alifestyle challenge focusing on a home activity with the onus placed upon the student to complete the work
  • Indicators
  • Teacher information
  • Additional activities
  • Answers
  • Outcome links
  • Assessment proformas
  • Student proformas
  • Glossary of terms used in the book