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Kraken Attack


Ages 7+
1-4 Players

Beware! The tentacles of a terrible kraken just burst through the waves!

Everyone on deck, grab your swords, guns, and cannons!

In Kraken Attack!, you use pirate skills, repair damage to the ship, and choose the best weapons possible to stay afloat and keep the kraken at bay!


  • Contains funny Kraken figurines
  • Immersive and cooperative game
  • Created by world renowned designer Anton Bauza


  • Ship Board
  • Kraken track board
  • Kraken figurine
  • Tentacles figurines
  • Action cards
  • Player aid cards
  • Kraken dice
  • Pirate pawns
  • Ship’s rails
  • Whirpool tokens
  • Kraken attack token
  • Hole tokens
  • Rulebook

1–4 Players

25 Min Playing Time

Age: 7+

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