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Ipanema Girls - Christian Lacroix Heritage Collection - Double-Sided Puzzle 500pc


To celebrate a heritage rich in unique, exuberant, and iconic design from Christian Lacroix stationery and gift, the house reintroduces some of the most beloved artwork on our most popular gift items.

The Ipanema Girls 500 Piece Double-Sided Puzzle features Lacroix fashion sketches amidst colourful wavey lines on one side of the puzzle and the same illustration inverted on the other side. Christian Lacroix puzzles are packaged in a gorgeous sturdy box with shiny spot varnish detail, perfect for gifting and storage.

  • 2-sided puzzle with spot UV on both sides
  • 2-piece box with spot UV and printed interiors
  • Ribbon Cut Pieces and Minimal Puzzle Dust

Puzzle size: 508 x 508mm

Box size: 225 x 225mm

Artist: Christian Lacroix